The Product

Thooya Innovations powered by LooCafe is a unique Free Washroom cum Café concept on a mission to provide an innovative, comfortable, elite, safe, and hygienic toilet experience totally free of cost.

It was the Social Commitment that has brought together the founders with an innovative approach to make their Vision and Mission a reality on Public hygiene for a better tomorrow. Thooya Innovations has partnered with LooCafe – the Innovators and the leaders in the domain of public hygiene

Loocafe – Nishad @ Dal Lake


Loocafe – India First ODF + Guidelines Complied Public Toilet

Loocafé– Technology Overlook

Loocafe is designed is in 20 Feet and 40 Feet container keeping the public requirement and sanitation in view.

The designs are futuristic with ample room for an individual to take care of there needs.

Loocafe is eco-green model which is equipped with greenery and cost effective energy consumables

Loocafe Models Proposed under Public toilets